We collect EYEGLASSES : 6824 people can see better with your eyeglasses, Thanks!


We collect eyeglasses.

WHAT kind of glasses: all kind of glasses; glasses to read, glasses and sunglasses with or without correction, second hand or other, with or without box.

During our travel in Cameroun we met Mss Rosalie Kerdo from Association Fraternité/ Solidarité / Emploi – Les Robins te F 26320 Saint-Marcel-Les-Valence in France. This association collects eyeglasses and give us 6000 eyeglasses for free. Thanks Rosalie !!!

WHERE:  RESTO KIPSO , Suikerkaai, 12 te 1500 Halle.

WHEN: when the restaurant is open : see www.kipso.be or you can put them in the letterbox.

WHY: Irie works together with ophtalmologes ( see: www.ophthalmologyworldwide.org , Mrs Koller Jacqueline ) who put the details of each eyeglasses in a database. During their consultations in different parts of the world they can help people immediately.

Thanks for your support.


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