Infrastructure Durable


The construction of new houses are being studied by a team of architects from Ghent who already had experience in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This takes into account ecological ways to generate energy through solar panels. ( a study will be made ​​by companies from Belgium.

To be able to visit the projects by sponsors and partners, to create jobs and in order to get the local economy to differentiate provides Irie the construction of an ecological lodge. From here trips can be organized to the adjacent nature of Campo, the Dja, to the coast of Kribi, to the waterfalls of Lomé, trekking through the rainforest, …..
The existing mud and wooden houses with the furniture, in the old village of Zouameyong, will be fully preserved and will serve as an open air museum. The ancient crafts, such as weaving baskets, making wood sculptures …. gave a new impulse to the region.(  new economic activities and tourism)

Irie is studying a plan of cooperation with other organizations and the Baka pygmeën to visit the tropical rainforest and to protect the fauna and flora. Irie can organize treks with pygmes and make travelers aware of the importance of the rainforest.