Who are we?

I R I E : “Intercultural Resources for International Evolution”
Irie also means: “all that is good”, “Peaceful vibrations”

The idea to start arose from the question of how Irie can contribute to a better world, more humane, more peaceful, more loving, freer, happier ….

Irie inpo is an international, independent, autonomous humanitarian organization that stands for respect for life in all its forms and diversity, solidarity and peace. She tries to help to achieve a more humane world and shall be guided by the principles of neutrality and impartiality.

Irie stands for a democratic world, where “humanity”  is the priority, and where each other’s standards and values are respected.

Happiness is about having ENOUGH and not always striving for MORE. When we share, there is enough on this earth to offer a valuable life to all so that people don’t have to flee their country to seek happiness elsewhere. We can live in a paradisiacal world if we ourselves take the first step!

Till 2014  Irie is member of ‘ Conseil Consultatif de la solidarité internationale de l’administration de Saint-Josse’.