Irie is an organization with a human vocation that wants to help people in trouble without distinction of race, culture, gender, religion, creed or political belief. She wants to achieve this by initially focusing on the basic needs of every human being. Therefore Irie has the basic needs as following:

Food and potable water: If there is no food or potable water available, the search for it is a full time job and further development would be impossible.

Accommodation: A house provides protection from the weather, insects, predators, …

Healthcare: Without a primary healthcare banal diseases can be life threatening.

Education and training: Good education and training provides greater security for a better future.

Sustainable Infrastructure: A sustainable infrastructure and a healthy environment are necessary for success in the long run.

These basic needs are equally important and codependant. The circle below shows that if one is not realised, further evolution or development is not possible. Ex: a sick child or a child with an empty stomach can not be attentive at school.CIRKEL ENGELS IRIE